Someone just spottet a rel=”Publisher” tag being displayed in SERPs

by Philipp Klöckner on 02/03/2014

RelPublisherWow, this is the first time I can see Google testing to actually display the rel=publisher information in SERPs. The displayed  site,, has the rel=”publisher” information integrated into the homepage, plus it has a verified Google Plus profile. I guess this could be a viable way for Google to drive more brands into G+ profiles and activity in Google’s network.

On the other hand it helps users to identify preferred brands within the organic results quickly. Which actually is the reason why I don’t expect this to be rolled out or stay for very long. As clicks in the organic results don’t pay any checks, Google has no interest at all to allow more eye catching content in the organic parts of the SERPs.

rel-publisher-in-serps rel=”publisher” integration in organic SERPs, Screenshot: Chun

Most likely Google will roll this out as an incentive to enforce G+ activity by brands, but maybe those snippets will not be seen for a long time. As you know Google was also pulling back some of the rel=”author” snippets lately, which might follow the same reasoning. While having the author displayed for people actually looking for articles or editorial content it might help the user and was good to pull more people into G+, but when people start using those pictures to distract users from clicking on ads while doing transactional searches, Google might be less willing to show these images.

Another thing that Google is still testing is getting rid of the underline for links and displaying titles bit bolder as you can see here:



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Someone just spottet a rel="Publisher" tag being displayed in SERPs, 9.8 out of 10 based on 11 ratings


Ralf March 3, 2014 at 09:40

Interesting! But what do you think is the motivation behind? You don´t expect the rollout, on the other hand Google is testing it!? Do you think, they want influencer as you sharing this, to generate some more pressure on using/ activities on Google+?

Philipp Klöckner March 3, 2014 at 09:45

Testing will show how much ad-CTR this might cost. Which is probably the most interesting thing for Google. On the other hand it should, where a brand actually supports CTR, and where it might result in people avoiding the click. Very interesting data…

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